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Kindly note that prior to submitting the AEC Project, you have to be a registered member of the Asia-Europe Classroom Network (AEC-NET). Registration is free and can be submitted online.

In general, the AEC Projects should meet the following criteria:

The proposal is submitted online with duly completed information.

A new project proposal and not a project that is already in existence*.

Involves at least one Asian and one European school from the ASEM countries in the project group.

The project should run over a min. of 6 months and up to a max. of 9 months. Longer running projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Upon submission of the proposal, your project idea will be reviewed by the Administrator who will contact you directly for any clarification. Once approved, your project information will be posted in the current projects page.

* This is not applicable for AEC Projects that are continuing.

Name of School /
Institution* :
Street* :  
City* :  
Postal Code* :  
Country* :  
Telephone* :   Country Code Area Code NO.
Fax* :   Country Code Area Code NO.
Gender :   Male    Female
Prefix :   Professor   Dr   Mr   Ms    Mrs   Mdm  
Given Name* :  
Middle Name :  
Family Name* :  
Designation :  
Email Address* :  
Alternative Email
Address* :
Proposed Project Name :

[maximum 1000 characters]
Summary / Brief Description about the proposed project :

[maximum 1000 characters]
Rationale for the project :

[maximum 1000 characters]
*The project falls under the main theme (please select only one):
Public Health
Sustainable Development
Others. Please specify below:
Expected Contribution from Asian Schools/Students :

[maximum 1000 characters]
Expected Contribution from European Schools/Students :

[maximum 1000 characters]
Minimum Number of Schools/ Students Involved* :  
Student Age Group* :  
Level of English* :  
Proposed Duration of Project :
Start Date * :  
End Date* :  
ICT Tools / Software Required :

[maximum 500 characters]
Additional Resources Needed :

[maximum 500 characters]

Please input the verification code below before submitting



For further enquiry please contact the Administrator.