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The “Gold” and “Merit” Awards were conferred to the following project groups at the occasion of the 10th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland from 7 – 11 November 2011:
  A Magic Flight to Berlin
The project created a communicative “highway” which allows the Asian and European students to get in touch and exchange information about themselves and the countries where they live. The protagonists of the video are Asian and European students who leave for Berlin on a “virtual” trip. During their visit they explored several aspects of Berlin: its artistic heritage, important events in German history and young people’s meeting places. The project product has been collaboratively developed by the students, such as script and filming of the scenes which were finally put together in one video.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Maria Sessa
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Homeseek II: ‘Exploring’ Homes
HOME is a contested concept, and a place that is believed to provide love, peace and dreams for people. In Homeseek II, it allowed the students to explore and revisit the idea of ‘HOME’. Based on the learning scenarios, students took up different roles in each stage of the project to examine the idea of home. A range of perspectives were explored. Students have had the opportunity to discuss, reflect and create images using the ICT tools. Based on the discussions, ideas and images gathered from the assigned stages, participants then form into groups to write stories about ‘HOME’ based on ‘Dreams’, ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’ and to produce a film based on these 3 categories. The final collaborative effort was a film festival that showcased all the students work.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Er Kia Hui / Ms Lin Yu Xin
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Windows to the Past Season 2 - A Glimpse into Our Heritage
Years and years of lives have been recorded in memories, photographs and mementoes only to be forgotten and in many cases they are lost forever. In this project, we relived all the memories of the past so that the youth are proud of their heritage. A collaborative learning platform was set up where students exchanged ideas and make friends with each other. It engaged the students in exchanging information on complex and intelligent works of art, intellectual and scientific discoveries as well as other achievements of the partner countries. Through this exercise, the students experienced the joy of information and knowledge exchange and getting to know more about their partner countries.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Geeta Rajan
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Crossing the Borders Feeling the Others
Emotions constitute a rather primary, non-verbal way of communication. Emotions are the labels that we have given to the various physical body states, so that humans communicate their subjective experiences with one another. This project provided Asian and European students with opportunities to define emotions as they are experienced in the participating countries and discover similarities and differences among them. Practical skills in the use of multi-media, digital photography and video as well as ICT skills and collaborative learning strategies were all potential areas for development in this project.

Project Co-ordinator: Mr Michalis Feidakis / Ms Nana Mimilidou
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GoCyberGreen 2011/2012
Designed as a series of steps, the students edited profile of themselves (Step 1); started a blog about a person they admire (Step 2); contributed to a class blog about their local area (Step 3) and finally discussed what they have learnt with the other participants in the project (Step 4). The project provided students a platform on which to publish the outcomes of curricular work. The theme is defined deliberately broadly to invite as many interpretations of it as possible while being loosely framed around issues of the environment. The website for the project was custom built from open source software and offered a shared platform on which students post their work and comment on each other’s submissions.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Angela Rickard / Mr George Porter
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Planet Happiness
This project allowed the students to think through how different factors influenced happiness in their home countries and other nations by using various ICT tools. Students formed into groups and created a story on their Planet Happiness. The story may be on happiness at the macro perspective or at individual perspective (students' personal level). The final collaborative effort is a compilation of the storylines chosen by the students in any format such as video, a research-based PPT or comic-strips using a range of ICT tools. Through this project, the students were able to: (1) Reflect on the idea of ‘happiness’ and factors influencing happiness; (2) Experience the joy of using ICT tools to translate their ideas; (3) Identify similarities and differences in the idea of ‘happiness’ and factors affecting happiness in participating countries; and (4) Appreciate cross-cultural differences between students.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Ang Huey Miin / Ms Kelly Tan
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Both the Gold and Merit Awarded groups will each walk away with cash prize of EUR 2,000 and EUR 500 respectively. These Awards can be used either to further develop their projects or as seeds to initiate new AEC projects.

These 6 AEC projects engaged a total of 73 educators along with 891 students coming from 59 schools in 24 ASEM countries*.

*Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.