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The “Gold” and “Merit” Awards were conferred to the following project groups at the occasion of the 10th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland from 7 – 11 November 2011:

Flora and Fauna Conservation
The “Flora and Fauna Conservation” project aims to give Asian and European students the importance of biodiversity and the effects of human activities on the ecosystem. Students will get to know more on the flora and fauna species that cannot be found in their own country, especially on those that have gone into extinction. This project provides the opportunity for students to work with each other across continents to understand more on the conservation actions that have been carried out and to come up with an effective product to create awareness in flora and fauna conservation. Furthermore, it would enhance their ICT skills and communication skills as they work online together.


“I had a wonderful and fruitful experience while working with my project mates from Asia and Europe, especially through the face-to-face exchange program “The World@ Home”, during the International Friendship Week. Not only am I able to complete a meaningful project task by raising awareness on flora and fauna conservation among my peers, Ihave also improved on my ICT and communication skills. The most valuable thing I have gained would be the precious friendships I have built with my Asian and European friends."

~ Gigi Ker (15), Pioneer Secondary School (Singapore) ~

Project Co-ordinator:

Ms Felicia Tay (Singapore)

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Home Seek
The “Home Seek” project allows students to reflect on their idea of home and to write stories based on their imagination or memories from the three themes: love, peace and dream. This provides an opportunity for students to reconnect and explore more about their home and share it with others. The idea of LOVE, PEACE and DREAMS for HOME differs for different people and cultural context. LOVE, PEACE, DREAMS are ideals in life but possess many questions. Through the filmmaking and story writing processes, students explore these ideals to allow them to have a greater understanding in life.


“This project has provided me with opportunities to learn about my own background and understand different cultures through their perspectives’ of home. The project has also allowed me to learn to communicate and work with peers during the filming. The use of new media tools and technology to represent ideas was an exciting and enriching experience”.

~ Clara Cheong (17), Millennia Institute (Singapore)

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Er Kia Hui (Singapore)
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Red listed and Endangered species Database (R.E.D)
In the R.E.D project, the participating students will present five or more of all threatened species in Europe and Asia. Students are encouraged to present species from not only their own region but they are also allowed to pick a subject somewhere else as long as they stay inside the Asian and European boundaries. Their presentations can be made with any tool as long as you can publish it on the Internet. The work will be published on a website with a searchable database of species in Asia and Europe. Students and teachers will also work together on a social network. Besides the database the students will have the opportunity to communicate with various tools available.


"I would like to thank the ASEF for inviting me to the conference. It´s a great opportunity and privilege for me to represent one of the shortlisted projects. During this period I have learned a lot about species I didn´t even know existed. I have also learned that endangered species is a global issue that we share with our friends in Asia and all over the world really!"

~ Alexander Undén (17), John Bauer Upper Secondary School (Sweden) ~

Project Co-ordinator: Mr Niclas Törnblad (Sweden)
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A Magic Flight to India

A Magic Flight to Benevento, Italy
“A Magic Flight to Benevento, Italy”, is a sequel of the previous AEC project “Magic flight to India”. The project aims to create a collaborative learning environment where the students from Asia and Europe can exchange ideas and make friends with each other. The previous project focussed on Asian countries (the State of Israel and India). The current project focuses on a European country and its historical background with a view towards its present best practices on alternative energies and the handling of environmental problems in general.


“Participating to this project has been a great experience: I’ve met new friends from all over the world and with them I’ve worked in a very relaxed friendly way. To watch the finished video has been really amusing: I didn’t imagine my friends could be such good actors! And also the kids from India, Portugal, Germany and Sweden... They have been really amazing! I really look forward to attending the Congress”.

~ Giuseppe Coccia (17), I.I.S. Galilei Vetrone (Italy) ~

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Maria Antonietta Sessa (Italy)/ Ms Swagat Sen (Italy)/
    Ms Anna Lacci (Italy)/ Ms Halina Bednarz (Italy)
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East Speaks West, West Speaks East 2010
The “East Speaks West, West Speaks East 2010” is a continued project from 2009/2010 and is about the sharing of the 21st century method of language learning. Through the ICT tools, the students will be able to discover cultural similarities and differences in the learning process, using the materials they produce on their own.


“India writes in many languages and speaks in many more voices. India proudly houses according to one estimate, 1,652 “mother tongues” – including 103 foreign mother tongues of about 1.21 billion inhabitants in the country. Coming from a country which is so diversified in terms of language but so unitary in nature, I feel proud to be a part of the project East Speaks West, West Speaks East 2010. The ICT Web tools are encouraging us to break barriers in language learning. "IT" AND "WE" need to move forward, ICT Tools are helping us to forge ahead”.

~ Shivali Goel (15), Apeejay School (India) ~

Project Co-ordinator: Mrs Edith Flores Wolff (Germany)
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Going By Sea

GoCyberGreen 2010/2011
The “GoCyberGreen” project is a continuation and development of the 2009/2010 GoCyberGreen project in which 15 schools in 11 countries participated. The GoCyberGreen project is designed as a series of steps where students present themselves (Step 1); start a blog about a person they admire (Step 2); contribute to a class blog about their local area (Step 3) and finally discuss what they have learnt with the other participants in the project (Step 4). Similar in many ways to earlier iterations of the project, the new site and project have been developed using feedback received from participating teachers as we aim to make participation easier and more intuitive for both teachers and students.


“In our school there are pupils from 23 different countries. The GoCyberGreen project gave us the chance to learn about some of the same countries where our own classmates are from. It was really nice to learn about the different places. We could talk to our friends in school about Lithuania and Poland and other countries in the project”.

~ Louise Henry (17), Ballyhaunis Community School (Ireland) ~

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Angela Rickard (Ireland)/ Mr George Porter (Ireland)/
    MsCaroline McHale (Ireland)
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The “Gold Award” groups will each received a cash prize of EUR 2,000 and the “Merit Award” groups will each received a cash prize of EUR 500. The cash prize can be either used to further develop the project or as seed for the new collaboration project. Congratulations to these Project Groups for its outstanding achievement in advancing the principal objectives of the AEC initiative.