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The AEC Awards were conferred to the following AEC Project Groups at the 9th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference in Gurgaon, NCR of Delhi, India from 12-16 November 2010. Congratulations to these Project Groups for its outstanding achievement in advancing the principal objectives of the AEC initiative.

The three AEC Award Winners are:
Eco Tourists' Passports Eco Tourists' Passports
The “Eco Tourists’ Passports” project allows participants to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with people from different cultures across borders. As a part of the project the participants conducted research on ecotourism to promote eco - tourist sites such as World Heritage sites, National Parks, natural reserves, etc. During the research participants also learnt the history behind these destinations and local cultural practices. To make the whole project more exciting and engaging, participants also created a 5-day virtual tour for eco-tourists to these sites, a virtual tour for other participants on one of the featured places, and a video montage and engage in dialogues.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Yuen Chai Lin
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Five Times Five Five Times Five
The project “Five Times Five” aims to reduce knowledge gaps between the participants from Europe and Asia bringing them together on the same sharing platform. Participating students from each region identified five different themes and showcased them through presentations before students from the other region. These themes include traditions and ceremonies from the other region. The project also gave the students an insight of how the younger generations reflect on the older traditions.

Project Co-ordinator: Mr Niclas Törnblad
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WHAZZUP! 2009-2010 with Music in the Air WHAZZUP! 2009-2010
A continued project from 2008/2009, “Whazzup” provided an opportunity for students from Asia and Europe to share ideas and learn together. This project is about experimenting with new learning ideas and giving a chance to the students from one country to share their interests and concerns with students from other countries. The students were able to gain deeper understanding of whatever it is they are studying by externalising and conceptualising their learning and the getting feedback and response from the others.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow / Ms Merja Laine
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The other three finalists were conferred the Excellence Award Certificates, namely:
Chain Stories 2009 Chain Stories 2009
The “Chain Stories 2009” project provided opportunity to the participating students to write chain stories under four different categories including thriller, fairy tale, science fiction and Robinsonade. To make the project more interesting this year, the stories were made more interactive. Each group writes one chapter and at the end of each open ended chapter there are two options "do something" or "don't". The next group continues the chain from these two options. The final product was an interactive "book".

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Helene Tind
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East Speaks West, West Speaks East East Speaks West, West Speaks East
“East Speaks West, West Speaks East” is a project for young people who contribute to the on-going transnational dissemination of languages and culture using fairy tales. Primarily, this project helped students to get a lively and cognitive introduction to some languages and cultures in Asia and Europe using the medium of popular fairy tales. By taking a closer look at the tales, the participants were able to discover their cultural background and its cultural relevance. This project was also a vehicle for young people to discover similarities and differences among them which could foster a better understanding in the future.

Project Co-ordinator: Mrs Edith Flores Wolff
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Liveable Cities in the Future Liveable Cities in the Future – New Possibilities and Suggestions from “Generation Next”
This project explores new possibilities and suggests ideas from Generation “Z” on how to create “liveable cities” in the world today, particularly in Asia and Europe. The students discussed about the dynamics of sustainability development and environmental concerns while mapping out the blueprint for a ‘Green Economy' and a liveable city for all – even in times of a global recession. Concepts such as clean energy, global warming, urban planning, quality of living and recycling were also discussed.

Project Co-ordinator: Mr Kelvin Yew
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