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The AEC Awards were conferred to the following AEC Project Groups at the occasion of the 8th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference in Sønderborg, Denmark from 26 to 30 October 2009. Congratulations to these AEC Project Groups for its outstanding achievement in advancing the principal objectives of the AEC initiative.


Backpackers Passports Backpackers' Passports
The “Backpackers’ Passports” offers a platform for students to gain better appreciation of cultural diversity through accounts and exchanges between fellow students in Asia and Europe. The project aims to develop a series of personalised and unique virtual tours by the participating students. Through research and regular online interactions, they develop a three-day backpacker’s itinerary of their home country.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Yuen Chai Lin
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Local Traditions and Ceremonies - Weddings are Made in Heaven
Local Traditions and Ceremonies – “Weddings are Made in Heaven” tasks Asian and European students to research and present the practices of traditional wedding ceremonies in their own culture. In any culture, a wedding ceremony is typically rich in symbolism. Students will explore similarities in cultural practices and symbolisms between Asian and European cultures through their online interactions.

Project Co-ordinator: Dr Zafeiroula Kagkalidou / Mrs Aggeliki Arvanta /
    Mr Michalis Feidakisz
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The "WHAZZUP?" project provides a common platform for participating students to share their interests, passions and concerns through personalised accounts and blogs. Students’ curiosity is invoked and the learning process is natural. Through externalising and conceptualising their learning and then getting feedback and responses from their peers, they will be able to gain a deeper understanding of whatever it is they are studying.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow / Ms Merja Laine
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