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The AEC Awards were conferred to the following AEC Project Groups at the occasion of the 7th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia from 12 – 16 December 2008. Congratulations to these AEC Project Groups for its outstanding achievement in advancing the principal objectives of the AEC initiative.


Mastering Media Goes Digital
The Mastering Media Goes Digital project focuses on how young people today use different technology in their daily lives—to learn, to communicate and to spend their free time. The students will look for relevant research and statistics from their countries about young people (if available) and compare this to their realities. Groups will, for example, deal with the use of mobile phones, computers, or Internet security issues. The final group tasks will be discussed and decided on by the participating teachers and, once the project starts, modified with the participation of the students. In addition, an online social network will be created for students to socialize in.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow
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Toys of Our Youth [T.O.Y.S]
Toys of Our Youth showcases students' perspectives on toys and their experiences, and allows them to research on toys, its origins and significance in terms of social, economic and psychological characteristics. The origin of toys is prehistoric. Dolls representing infants, animals, and soldiers, as well as representations of tools used by adults were readily found at archaeological sites. Toys and play are important to the process of learning about the world and growing up. The young uses toys and play to discover and explore relationships while adults use toys to form and strengthen social bonds, reinforce lessons from their own youth, and exercise their minds and bodies. Toys are more than simple amusement, and the way they are used profoundly influences most aspects of life. Through this project, participants will deepen their understanding of toys of past generations and their geographical origins. The students would look into the social and economic facets of toys and exchange information with other participants. The evolution of toys from prehistoric times to the present day would lead participants to develop a toy which they believe would be the toy of the future.

Project Co-ordinator: Mrs Yuen Chai Lin
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Young Diplomats – International Ambassadors
The International Ambassadors project allows the participating school to choose one other country across continents to become Ambassadors for that country in their own local community. The students will study traditions and prepare multimedia presentations (in Powerpoint and Flash formats) of national celebrations (to be published online) and/or quizzes about the country (to create an online bank of educational resources). Additionally, the schools will contact the embassy of the chosen country for an interview and prepare a presentation/exhibition to promote that country in their local community. They will also prepare a celebration and/or take part in one national holiday or event in the chosen country and send a multimedia report for online publishing.

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Halina Bednarz
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