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Past Projects - 2006
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Cultural Kaleidoscope 2006
The Cultural Kaleidoscope 2006 project brought together students from schools in both Asia and Europe for a one-week conference in Kuala Lumpur from 27 February to 3 March 2006. Each school identified five participating students accompanied by one teacher. During the one-week programme, students learned more about the Malaysian culture, as well as other cultures through various special activities held in school at the duration of the conference.
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Local Traditions and Ceremonies
This project aims to provide Asian and European students with an opportunity to discover the traditions and ceremonies that are significant in their countries. Discussion including simple popular traditions, practices or ceremonies used for the purpose of fun, along with those used for more formal and solemn occasions. Despite the perceived differences there are also many similarities in the way European and Asian traditions and cultures worship or honour their ancestors and loved ones. This project enabled students to discover, reveal and recognise the similarities that exist through the exploration of these very traditions.
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Mastering Media
This project endeavours to make students aware of and think about their own habits as media consumers and those of young people in other countries. It aims to move beyond the perception of media as solely entertainment based and encourages the reading of more in-depth news coverage in ‘quality papers'. The project also explored and discussed the often hidden values and other biases of news coverage through the use of surveys, reading newspapers with guided questions, and a discussion forum. The final product, an essay was uploaded on the project website.
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