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Past Projects - 2005
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Cultural Kaleidoscope
Cultural Kaleidoscope involves the bringing together of students from schools in Asia and Europe for a one-week conference in Kuala Lumpur from 13 to 20 February 2005. The project hopes to enable students to learn more Malaysian culture, as well as other cultures through various special activities held in school during the duration of the conference.
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The World in a Book
This project consisted of reading activities to be carried out in tandem: the students of two classes of different nationalities share the experience of reading and analysing a literary work written in English and developing its main issues. The books can be of any literary genre. The students should be interested in the book to be chosen, the issues it contains and in collaborating with foreign students through online discussions in order to exchange opinions and ideas about all the relevant elements of the book. They would then find the most effective procedures to negotiate and mediate with the foreign students with the aim of producing common assignments and webpages concerning both the analysis of the book and the personal development of the topics the students are mainly interested in. Their findings would be collated and published on their project website.
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Evolved from the AEC-Award winning Project, “iContrast@Vhome”, this project continued to assign students to initiate homestay programmes for their counterparts in other participating countries. The project is essentially an internet-based platform for students to interact, post pictures, journal accounts, share video clip, forum discussion, live-chat with each other.
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