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Extending from the 2002 AEC-Award winning project (Handshakes Around the World – A Virtual Homestay), iContrast@VHome gained the interest of three more member countries since the 3rd AEC International Teachers’ Conference in Bogor in 2003. The members displayed considerable enthusiasm in their project implementation. The simultaneous live chats and official launches of the project in the participating countries evidenced excellent coordination among the participating schools.

Since the Bogor Conference, teachers and students were highly involved putting their plans into action, crossing over for brief visits in each others’ countries. In the process of uploading the agendas for their virtual homestays, students spent time learning to use the Self-Portrait and Communique programmes and how they could engage in information exchange. They have also spent time reflecting on and evaluating all the homestay plans and programmes.

In general, this project is a highly effective internet-based platform for students to interact, post pictures, journal accounts, share video clip, forum discussion, live chat with each other.

iContrast@VHome will be continued under a new project title, “Utopia@VHome”.
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Peace Project
This was a project that warranted great coordination as it comprised as many as seven member countries.

The group had done well to interact regularly, and to sustain interest among the member students through constant exchange of new stories, articles, poems, and drawings about peace.

The participating schools had successfully integrated this project into their school curricular, enabling students to maximise on their learning experience. Exhibitions and other cooperative events launched under this project were also great means of observing peace and of sharing the work done by the students.

To evaluate their progress and to measure the overall success of their project, the group had conducted a survey in a common format. This again reflected group coherence and good coordination.

The members of the Peace Project have plans to expand on the project.
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The Online Students’ Magazine
The Online Students’ Magazine was a collaborative project that involved constant exchange of articles and essays among the students.

Students developed in their creativity and language skills in the course of composing their essays, and had gained a better understanding of one another’s cultures. Students also practised analytical thinking when they were encouraged to comment on the various issues discussed in the articles and essays.

With new member teachers from the 4th AEC International Teachers’ Conference, the Online Students’ Magazine will be continued.
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