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Past Projects - 2004
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Together with their students, the 61 teacher participants of the 4th International Teachers’ Conference will collaborate in the following AEC Projects:

Asia-Europe Repository
This is a fun, creative, and motivational learning system to cultivate independent discovery and self-paced learning among the participating students. The Asia-Europe Repository will empower students to participate in quizzes, while role-playing in various scenarios in accordance with the different gaming environments. A platform that assesses students in a fun and innovative manner, the Asia-Europe Repository aims to integrate technology into learning and teaching.
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Cultural Kaleidoscope
Cultural Kaleidoscope involves the bringing together of students from schools in Asia and Europe for a one-week conference in Kuala Lumpur from 13 to 20 February 2005. The project hopes to enable students to learn more Malaysian culture, as well as other cultures through various special activities held in school during the duration of the conference.
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Face-to-Face 2005
Pupils will take part in a homestay programme for a period of ten days. Prior to the actual visit, they will communicate with each other by means of email or online forums. Itinerary on the homestay programme and other information on the participating countries will be made available to the students through their communication.
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How Do Your Winds Blow?
This project will demonstrate the effects of weather and climate change. Students will evaluate and report on the influences of weather based on their records, investigations, observations and interpretations. Reports will circulated among the participating students, offering them an opportunity to learn more about the lifestyles of other countries at the same time.
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Multicultural Webquest on mySchool!
Participating students will be cooperating in a multicultural webquest environment. Students of each member country would be divided into groups of four to study and to formulate questions on a specific subject. Questions would be exchanged and answered among the students in bid to establish a “webquest” that would be both fun and enriching.
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Online Smart Learning
The aim of the project is to promote intercultural learning among the member students and teachers from Asia and Europe. Teachers will be assigned to manage materials and correspondence exchanged by their students, afterwhich they would supervise all online interactions among their students. Activities like the E-Buddy system, Online Quizzes and Essay-Writing Competitions would be the main learning frameworks employed by this project.
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Peace Project
One of the AEC-Award winning projects at the 4th AEC International Teachers’ Conference, members of the Peace Project will continue to promote the notion of peace through their collaboration. Students will get to exercise their creativity when they design and disseminate their own peace messages through drawing and writing. Intercultural learning will also remain as one of the focus areas of this project.
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Puppet on the Web
Members of this project will introduce one another to the puppets that exist in their own countries. Through the puppets, students will be given an insight into the history, culture and art in Asia and Europe.
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Science Beyond the Classroom – e-volution
Science Beyond the Classroom was among the five shortlisted AEC Project for the AEC Award 2004. The project had focused on students’ application of science knowledge and life skills on environmental problems. In bid to expand on the project, Science Beyond the Classroom – e-volution will assign the participating students to compare innovations from each country in the areas of ICT, curriculum designs and programmes, recycling activities both at home and in school, food production, medicine, health and sanitation, travel and exploration, and sports and recreation.
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Social Entrepreneur
Students will get to share knowledge and experiences related to entrepreneurship under this project. A common business plan would be drawn up by the students, which would then be used to raise funds to help communities or schools in need of financial support.
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The Online Students’ Magazine
Yet another AEC Award-winning Project at the 4th AEC International Teachers’ Conference, the Online Students’ Magazine will continue to function as a web magazine to its member students and teacher, encouraging them to compose and exchange journals and articles on topics of common interest to Asia and Europe.
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The World in a Book
In light of the importance of English as an international working language, this project entails students from the various countries to share their analysis of English literary works through online discussions. Their findings would be collated and published on their project website.
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Evolved from the AEC-Award winning Project, “iContrast@Vhome”, this project will continue to assign students to initiate homestay programmes for their counterparts in other participating countries. The project is essentially an internet-based platform for students to interact, post pictures, journal accounts, share video clip, forum discussion, live chat with each other.
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