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1st Asia-Europe Classroom Meeting Point
Welcome to our Web Community. We are now taking the first step into Asia-Europe Classroom collaboration, transcending borders. We want to learn from each other and work projects together. Teachers from Brunei, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam will be involved in this working group. We believe that the project ideas proposed here will serve as a good common ground for the students in the various countries.
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Cultural Fusion
The project aims to raise awareness of the different cultures and to learn more about the cultures of participating countries, especially from the perspective of the teenager. Students will use ICT skills in their research and presentation of their project. ICT will also be the mode of communication with participating members of different countries. Topics will be discussed that foster curiosity, creativity and initiative. The agreed upon topics include : Home, School and Leisure. The participating countries will post the materials they collect on (AEC) web pages preferably in the form of a diary, including pictures and video clips wherever possible. A forum or bulletin board / video conference / web chat are possible modes opened for exchange and clarification of information between participating countries. Based on the exchange and working on a given budget, students propose a 5-day itinerary as hosts of a cultural and educational visit by members of participating countries. Thereafter, an actual or virtual visit takes place.
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Halo-Halo to Mooncake
To follow-up on the Halo-Halo to Mooncake project, each participating country would collate and produce a page or pages of a calendar in book or other format. The front and back covers will show the title HaloHalo calendar 2004 with information/graphics on the AEC and ASEF and names of the schools who participated in the Halo-Halo project, and those who are responsible for the calendar design.
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