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Past Projects - 2001
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More than 60 teachers and educators from close to 20 ASEM countries gathered in September 2001 in Singapore for the 1st International Teachers' Conference. During the Conference, the Asian and European participants formed seven working groups and consolidated their ideas into feasible online projects. After three days of enthusiastic group discussions, the teacher participants managed to present the first steps of, what will hopefully become seven successful ICT projects.

You will find a list of all the seven project proposals below.

You require Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint to read and print out the articles.
If you already have them, just click on the selected articles below.


Effects of Modernisation on Agriculture
The pupils and teachers from the three countries will exchange information on the impact of modernisation on the input, processes and output of agriculture. The final product will be a book published on the internet using Bookmaker - a Dutch software.
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Nuclear Energy
It is an interdisciplinary project which encompasses the disciplines of geography, English, Swedish, Science and History. There will be three main discussion groups/forums for discussions:
1) Was the USA justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan?

2) Should my country set up a nuclear power station to meet the increasing energy demands?

3) Which alternative energy source has the greatest potential of being developed and harnessed in the country where you live?

Skills such as argumentative writing and ethical issues will be discussed. Approximately 70 students from each school will participate. The students will be between 15 - 16 years old with approximately 3-4 teachers involved from each school. Hopefully, this will lead to a formation of other partnerships and possible exchanges between schools.
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Cultural Fusion
A forum/bulletin board should be opened for exchanges. Topics will be discussed that foster curiosity, creativity and initiative, that build research skills and raise cultural awareness. Possible agreed topics include: architecture, food, computers and nature. The participating countries will post the materials they collect on the (AEC) web pages.
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Water Is Life
Study the quality of water in various regions of the world and make a comparative study, using database technology, knowledge forum, and ICT multimedia tools.
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1st Asia-Europe Classroom Meeting Point
Welcome to our Web Community. We are now taking the first step into Asia-Europe Classroom collaboration, transcending borders. We want to learn from each other and work projects together. Teachers from Brunei, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam will be involved in this working group. We believe that the project ideas proposed here will serve as a good common ground for the students in the various countries. Let us work together towards moulding the future of our world by empowering the youths of today. You are cordially invited to join our working group. Cheers!
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Halo-Halo to Mooncake
Teachers in each country will stimulate students to respond to different national festivals and associated folklore via appropriate media. These will celebrate each festival as it occurs during the project year.
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T.O.F.U (TransOceanic Forum United)
Exchange of emails among students to be monitored by teachers. Open forum on web pages with bulletin board system (BBS) or others. Enhancement of English competency through all the stages of the project
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