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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This is an old adage to describe the global success which the Olongapo City National High School (OCNHS) has achieved in our participation to the Asia-Europe Classroom Network- an international exchange program between teachers and students from Asian and European countries . This enabled our school populace to foster collaborations among school in the two continents with a view in promoting cross-cultural learning and exchanges. To date our school is into the advancement of education through the use of Infocommunication Technology (ICT).

“It is a dream realized”, and it is only the beginning”. “I hope to expand more our international educational linkages to create advancement opportunities for our students that will help them adapt to the needs of the modern society. Our students today are generally tech-savvy, artistic and so the implementation of these programs in the school setting is highly functional and gives them the advantage towards realizing their visions of a better tomorrow”. My dream is to put our school in the world map, and it is now realised, that is through the AEC-NET and ASEF.

Dr. Helen B. Aggabao
Principal IV
Olongapo City National High School

“Since 2002, we have worked on many interesting projects and have gained valuable learning experiences while broadening our horizons to new cultures and making friends across continents. Best hands-on lessons with the double aims of implementing ICT at schools as well as promoting peace and intercultural understanding! It is wonderful that the online projects have also spawned some face-to-face student exchanges.”

Ms Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow
Kaarina Senior High School (Finland)

“It has been a beneficial program I have ever involved in. The AEC-NET gave me valuable chances to know many new places and people. I respect the dedicated commitment and wonderful job of the AEC-NET people.”

Mr Hideyuki Baba
Keio Girls High School (Japan)

“AEC-NET gave me many excellent insights… I know realise the importance of global learning and mind. So, I try to emphasise the importance of global mind to my students.”

Mr Kyungtak Kim
Daejeon Eoeun Middle School (Korea)

“Students participating in AEC-NET widen their knowledge and their circle of friends around the world. I find it very rewarding when students enjoy their project work and show their eagerness to work hard to establish contact with their partners. The AEC programme encourages both teachers and students to continue with their efforts to bridge the gap between Asia and Europe.”

Ms Leonora Anne Peers
REAL International School (Malaysia)

“Taking part in the AEC-Net programme opened for our students’ new perspectives, chances that had earlier been unavailable. We have been working within this framework since the conference in Serres in Greece. People we met there from both European and Asian countries became our friends and although time goes by we still meet online, share knowledge, interests and experiences. Maybe they are only virtual meetings, but it is still something unusual, exceptional and worthwhile in it.”

Mrs Joanna Mika-Hadelka, Ms Halina Bednarz and Mr Dariusz Zerdziski
Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno – Informatycznych and Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 5 (Poland)

“AEC has allowed my school and students the opportunity to be exposed to the world outside the classroom and explore the possibilities of the virtual world to enhance their cultural understanding of different Asian and European countries”

Ms Yong Caiyu
Pioneer Secondary School (Singapore)

“Through ASEF, my students and I got to know the brighter version of study and their minds are fresh-up, these kinds of joint venture play a role to fill the new and fresh breath in the dead brain of a student. Through ICT tools my students are prepared to look ahead with the same topic, with different cultures and make different friends on the GLOBE to communicate with them. This kind of projects is known as activity based learning and that should continue and I much appreciate the efforts of the ASEF team.”

Mr Khalid Mehmood
The Elysium School (Pakistan)