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  ASEF Confers ASEF ClassNet Awards to 6 Project Groups
  ASEF ClassNet Projects 2015
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  ASEF Confers ASEF ClassNet Awards to 6 Project Groups arrow  

In recognition of their innovative and sustainable approach, 6 ASEF ClassNet Projects received the ASEF ClassNet Awards (Gold and Merit) in November 2014. The online collaborations were shortlisted from a pool of 38 ASEF ClassNet Projects, which were implemented and completed in 2014. 1,071 students and 64 teachers from 50 secondary and high schools in 26 ASEM countries participated in the following 6 activities:


Gold Awards

- Let’s Travel and Explore!
- World History in Family Photos
- World War II: Keep It a History

Merit Awards
- iMagz - Making Myself Heard - Season 2
- Our Blue Planet
- Play to Learn (PTL)

Congratulations to all the Award-winning projects!
Our appreciation goes both to our long-term members for their continued support, as well as to the new members, who have shown their commitment and enthusiasm in collaborating with schools across Asia and Europe. Most importantly, we thank all the students, who worked hard behind the scenes to turn the ideas into reality.

These online collaborations will either continue or begin with the new project idea in 2015.

To find out more about these exciting projects, please click here.

  ASEF ClassNet Projects 2015 arrow  
  The ASEF ClassNet projects 2015 are now open to new members! Please click here to find out more about projects for 2015. More project proposals will be uploaded regularly.

If you are interested to participate in these ASEF ClassNet projects, you may contact the Project Coordinators directly via email.

You are also welcome to submit your own project proposals!
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  Asynchronous Communication in Projects
November 2014

This is the 3rd article contributed by Mr Adam STEPINSKI, Teacher of English and History at the Copernicus Upper Secondary School, Tarnobrzeg, Poland. In this edition, he shares with us an article on “Asynchronous Communication in Projects”. Do you also wonder what Asynchronous Communication means and what may be its advantages?
Read more
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  Indian Students Stay with Italian Families for Cross-Cultural Experience
September/October 2014

Photos courtesy of Cristina Simeoni

Professor Cristina SIMEONI, a Teacher from ITS G. Deledda, Triest (Italy), has been actively participating in school exchange programmes with the ASEF ClassNet for the last few years. In 2011, she hosted a delegation from St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School, followed by a return visit to New Delhi in 2012. This year, Professor Simeoni hosted a delegation from St. Mark’s Girls Senior Secondary School. Read more


Malaysian & Indian Student Delegations Visit their Hungarian Counterparts
September 2014

Photos courtesy of Zsuzsa Szalayné Tahy

Ms Zsuzsa Szalayné TAHY, an IT Teacher from Szent István Gimnázium (Hungary), joined ASEF ClassNet in 2006.  Since then, she has been actively participating in conferences and ASEF ClassNet projects.  Through the ASEF ClassNet activities, she established partnerships with other teachers from Asia and Europe and arranged exchange programmes with the other member schools. Read more


Indian Students Enjoy a Week of Friendships, Sightseeing and Dutch Hospitality
May 2014

Photos courtesy of Dr Eline Westerhout

Dr Eline WESTERHOUT first participated in the 2011 ASEF ClassNet Conference in Ireland. Since then, she has been working with other teachers and students in Asia and Europe on ASEF ClassNet Projects. In 2012, she proposed an ASEF ClassNet project, which attained her project group members a Gold Award at the 2013 conference in Bali, Indonesia. Read more
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