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Overview Award Finalists  
The Asia-Europe Foundation is proud to announce that 6 out of 26 ASEF ClassNet Online Collaborations in 2015 have been shortlisted to contend for the ASEF ClassNet Awards. They competed for the Gold and Merit Awards at the 12th ASEF Classroom Network Conference on 16-20 November 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The final results was out on Tuesday, 17 November 2015, after the review by our jury of 4 experts in the field of education and ICT:

project   Let's Eat: Mix it!
A virtual and real-life culinary journey where students from 2 or more countries teamed up to create a unique Asia-Europe fusion recipe and dish.

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Pop Science! Let's Explore!
An online and offline dive into the field of science where students conducted hands-on experiments with materials from their surroundings as well as in laboratories.



World History in Family Photos
A digital archive of Asia and Europe’s contemporary history made of personal stories, photographs, curiosities and historical events.




ClassNetNews (CNN)
An online Collaboration of 10 schools where students played the role of reporters and produced short news broadcasts with interviews and reports on school events, sports, politics, culture and the environment.

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Language - A Mantle of Communication
An Online Collaboration where students learnt about and appreciated the cultural diversities embedded in Asian and European languages.

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Moments and Monuments
An Online Collaboration where students travelled to their country’s landmarks and explored the landmark’s role in shaping national and cultural identity as virtual tour guides.

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