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Past Conferences - 2008
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The 7th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference was organised in collaboration with the Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO from 12 to 16 December 2008 in Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia with support from the Ministry of Education, the Sabah State Education Department, Ministry of Tourism, Culture
and Environment, Sabah, Sabah Science Secondary School, Sabah College and Sanzac National Secondary School.

The conference in Kota Kinabalu brought together eighty (80) secondary and high school teachers and educators from sixty-three (63) schools from twenty-four (24) ASEM countries* to initiate and/to participate in collaborative ICT projects.

At the end of the conference, thirty-one (31) AEC Projects were developed (new and continuing):  

1. After School Activities
2. Backpackers Passports
3. Business and Recession
4. Chain Stories
5. Citizens of the World
6. Cooking with Shakespeare
7. Cultural Shock
8. E-magazine on European and Asian Issues
9. Filming Project
10. Five Times Five
11. In Our World of Patterns
12. Journey Through Journalism
13. Literary Corner Phase II
14. Living History – a Short Story of Civilisation
15. Local Industry and Enterprise 2008/2009
16. Local Traditions & Ceremonies - Weddings are Made in Heaven
17. Mastering Media – Fact or Fiction
18. New Vistas!
19. Our Global Window – Houses
20. One Day Eco-Travel to a Local Scenic Spot
21. Project SOS (Save Our Species)
22. Renewable Energies
23. Rise of Peace
24. Street "Guru" Adventure
25. TAO Project: Telecolaborative Learning Across the Curriculum
26. The World on the Go
27. TraditionalGames@VirtualHomestay
29. What Did I Learn in Science?
30. Where Music Lives
31. Young Scientists – “Inside Cosmos”

For more information on the list of projects that will be developed for 2008/2009, please go to
AEC Projects 2008.

Three (3) AEC Awards were conferred to “Mastering Media Goes Digital”, “Toys of Our Youth [T.O.Y.S]” and “Young Diplomats – International Ambassadors”. These three AEC Award winners involved four, three and eight secondary and high schools from Asia and Europe.

The other three AEC Project Groups were conferred the Excellence Award Certificate. These Project Groups were “Brick & Mortar@VirtualHomestay”, “Literary Corner” and “Tailor’s Inc”.

*The following countries were represented at the 7th AEC-NET Conference: Brunei, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

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