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Past Conferences - 2001
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After the conference we asked everybody to tell us about their "Singapore experience". Here are some comments offered by participants.

"Thank you very much for the conference. It has greatly improved my perceptions on different people and at the same time it has enriched my teaching life.

In these times, it is very rare when people have a chance to communicate and from their differences get an opportunity to work together."

Ms. Caroline C. Laforteza,
Teacher in Manila, the Philippines

In a world that is in deep turbulence of violence and future uncertainty, the 1st AEC conference was the right step in the right time to a peaceful realisation of our one common world. The organising committee of the conference has my gratitude for the unforgettable moments that we all have shared in Singapore, a multi-civilisation paradigm of how a modern world might be.

The need to going deeper in educational speculation was a fruitful outcome of the
conference in order for our projects to truly share a common.... cyber-class.

Mr. Theodoros Otzakoglou
Teacher in Athens, Greece

"A good springboard for the cultivation of collaborative efforts among educators to bring learning beyond the classrooms."

Ms. Goh Poh Kenn
Teacher in Singapore

"The discussions in our working group were focused on how to unite ourselves, how to exchange our ideas, and what to talk about using the Internet. These discussions were not so smoothly carried out simply because we didn't know how different we were and the best way to go.

But what was encouraging was the zeal and efforts we had shared for our collaboration. It was only the first step. I am looking forward to keeping on going."

Mr. Hideyuki Baba
Teacher in Tokyo, Japan

"The AEC conference was an unforgettable and fantastic event. I cannot forget the ASEF party on September 4th, 2001. The dragon and lion dance is still vivid in my memory.

AEC and Singapore gave me many excellent insights and I have come to know Singapore culture, their history, their innovative mind and their passion for education. I also now realize the importance of global learning and mind. So, I try to emphasize the importance of a global mind to my students."

Mr. Kyungtak Kim
Teacher in Daejeon, Korea

"I will always remember Raffles Girls and their School - How can you upgrade such an already lovely learning environment? Thanks also to all participants including local school students for inspiration, to the organisers for worthwhile labour and recreation (I treasure my new knowledge of tea) and to Singapore for happy perspiration!"

Dr. Jeffrey R. Day
Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong, China

I had a wonderful time at Singapore during the conference. It was very well organised & the participants were very well taken care of.... The conference provided platforms to share idea & opportunity to work as a team. It is a very challenging task as all members need to overcome the physical & most importantly time barrier and other constraints.

Mr. Haji Abdul Rahim
Principal in Brunei

The idea is good and it motivates our thinking of using modern means of communication for the Vietnamese young generation. To be honest, the infrastructure in your country is good already and in order to get the same, we need to have at least 5 to 7 years. ... Thank you so much for giving us a chance there and learning more from you. We do hope to have more chances for further communication.

Mr. Dong Nguyen Quang
Teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam

The time in Singapore was most enjoyable. I especially admired the good background work different project leaders had done, and I was happy to be able to join the project prepared by teachers of St Joseph's in Singapore - keep up the good work!

Ms. Eeva Tuokko
Teacher in Helsinki and Member of Finnish National Board of Education

Singapore was great!!!

Mr. Jürgen Ganzer
Teacher in Hermannsburg, Germany