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Past Conferences - 2001
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Joining hands with Singapore's Ministry of Education, ASEF organised a successful conference that was held in Singapore from 2 - 5 September 2001. The 1st International Teachers' Conference was a very significant pilot project that followed up on the seminar on the AEC held in Copenhagen in May 1998. This project aimed to promote ICT as a powerful, efficient and economical tool to encourage exchanges among teachers and students of high schools in Asia and Europe. The 2001 Conference provided 63 high school teachers from 18 ASEM countries with an opportunity to concretise their ideas on on-line educational projects and integrate such projects into their curricula.

The 63 participants came to Singapore with different cultural backgrounds and experiences in the field of education. Despite this, the participants demonstrated considerable enthusiasm and motivation to put aside their cultural differences to develop common project ideas and strengthen collaboration between high school teachers from Asia and Europe.

At the end of the intensive four-day Conference, seven promising projects were evolved. These seven projects are: "The Effects of Modernisation on Agriculture", "Nuclear Energy", "Cultural Fusion", "Water is Life", "1st Asia-Europe Classroom Meeting Point", "Halo-Halo to Mooncake", and "T.O.F.U (TransOceanic Forum United)".

Many of the participants had expressed the wish for this initiative to be continued. In response, ASEF is planning for the 2nd International Teachers' Conference in September 2002 in Europe. The second Conference would enable the project teams to report on the development of the projects and allow more high school teachers in Asia and Europe to come together to generate new ideas for joint collaboration via the AEC initiative.