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Coordinating Committee

The Co-ordinating Co.mmittee works as a provider of academic criteria in order to evaluate the different activities of the project as well as to assess and advise on the best direction, action plans and strategies for the future.

Please refer to the terms of reference for more information

The Co-ordinating Committee members (in country order) are:

Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow Teacher,
Kaarina Senior High School (Finland)

Graduated from Turku University, Finland (MA degree), Ms Sinikka Laakio-Whybrow has been teaching English and French languages at Kaarina Senior High School, located on the south-western coast of Finland, for the past 20 years. Half way through her career, she developed a keen interest in intercultural communication, not least due to raising a bilingual daughter in her Finnish-English family.

Since then, Ms Laakio-Whybrow has attended many training courses and conferences in this field and become increasingly more involved in international projects at her school. She has worked in several EU Comenius projects, adding the Asian perspective through Asia-Europe Classroom (AEC) in 2002. She finds these projects essential to 'sensitize' young students to the various intercultural situations that most of them will inevitably encounter in their future lives and careers. In 2004, she presented a paper on national stereotypes and intercultural competence, based on a case study of one of her student exchanges, at a seminar on intercultural communication at Turku University.

On a personal level, she has put theory into practice e.g. by working as a Fulbright grantee teacher in Virginia, USA, 1996-1997, and more recently, as an ASEM-DUO exchange teacher in South Korea. Languages, cultures, communication and traveling are her life, her work and her passion.

Sven Hadenfeldt (Dr) Sven Hadenfeldt (Dr)
Technical Advisor for Asia-Europe Classroom (Germany)

Sven has been the technical advisor to the AEC since it started in 1998. His keen interest in promoting cross cultural understanding and youth exchange started quite early in his life after attending some international summer schools in England while he was still in secondary education.

He financed his studies for a degree in Physical Chemistry at the Universities of Hamburg, Germany and Southampton, England by database development, IT implementation, IT consulting and staff training. Soon he also put his IT skills into use of various projects which linked schools around the globe in the pre-internet era, combining these two areas of his interest. Sven is co-founder and past president of the Open Hamburg School-Net, a non profit organization aimed at fostering ICT use in the classrooms of his home country.

He is an active member of a number of national and international working groups promoting ICT in education. Besides his work for ASEF, Sven coaches various schools, teachers and organizations in the use of ICT for learning, bridge building and social inclusion. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry and currently lives in Hamburg/Germany.

Janos Blasszauer Janos Blasszauer
International Co-ordinator, Batthyany Lajos Grammar School (Hungary) and Chair of Youthnet Foundation

Janos Blasszauer, MEd in ELT, is the International Project Co-ordinator at Batthyany Lajos Grammar School, Nagykanizsa, Hungary as well as the Chair of the Youthnet Foundation.  He has been the Pedagogical Adviser for Zala County Pedagogical Institute for the past five years and was formerly the editor of the ICT section of the World Language Programme at the website of the Hungarian Ministry of Education. 

He has attended and delivered presentations and workshops at national, regional, and international events on ICT in ELT. He has been a tutor at an international Hornby Summer School. He is also a member of the international advisory board of some European Schoolnet projects and also an associate member of the E-HELP project and a founding member of the IATEFL-H ICT SIG. 

His main domains of interest are: ICT in ELT, networking (online communities), classroom-oriented research and teacher training.

Leonora Anne Peers Leonora Anne Peers
Principal, R.E.A.L International School (Malaysia)

Leonora Anne Peers, a Singaporean, has been a resident of Malaysia since 1985. She received her teaching qualifications at the Institute of Education in Singapore and taught at several schools there, including her alma mater, before securing a post at Garden International School as an English teacher. She became Head of Year in 1995 and assumed the position as International Coordinator in 2005.

She was teaching Design and Technology at Key Stage 3 and was also the Teacher Advisor to the school’s Interact Club since the early 90’s, Leonora has been actively involved in many community services projects in her school and last year, successfully organised ‘Walk the World’ – a UN project which raises funds to feed the world’s starving children. Leonora is a believer that students are always keen and enthusiastic but it is the teacher who must sustain their interest and encourage and guide them all the way in order to bring out the best in them.

She left Garden International School in 2008 and is currently the Principal of R.E.A.L International School.